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Forklift Truck Buying Guide

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

The humble forklift truck offers a vast helping hand to businesses across the world. If your business is expanding and you have never bought or rented a forklift before, this guide could save you from being caught out with the wrong truck. If you are a veteran forklift owner with an out-of-date fleet, it should … Continue reading

Forklift Basic Training

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

  A fully qualified forklift operator is important for both the safety of others and ensuring that a forklift is used in the most efficient way. A forklift licence must be held by all who wish to operate a forklift, and the relevant training is available from many reputable providers throughout the country, including from … Continue reading

What is a ‘thorough examination’ forklift inspection

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

A thorough examination is vital when it comes to owning and operating forklifts to ensure the safety and functionality of your equipment at all times. Here, we run through exactly what these inspections constitute and what they cover: What is it? The thorough examination under LOLER – Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations – is … Continue reading

The evolution of forklifts

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

Forklifts, an invention created many years ago, have evolved over the years to meet ever-changing requirements and suiting more diverse uses than ever before. With changes in technology creating new potential in the forklift industry, the forklifts we see being produced today are a stark contrast to those more traditional models. Here, we run through … Continue reading

BLAXTAIR pedestrian detection system

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

The Blaxtair pedestrian detection system is revolutionising workplaces across the country, making a huge difference to institutions using forklifts and similar vehicles. With a number of beneficial features, the system can make a huge difference in keeping workplaces a safe yet efficient and productive place. Here, we explain a little more about what is is … Continue reading

New location for Safety Conference

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) are renowned for their annual Safety Conference, taking place during summer each year. The venue plays an important role in the success of the conference each year it is held, and this year will be no exception with a fantastic new venue recently announced. The 2016 conference will be … Continue reading

Female Tornado Pilot to Speak at FLTA Safety Conference

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

On the 29th June, the Fork Lift Truck Association’s (FLTA) National Fork Lift Safety Conference will take place for the 14th year. The conference sees industry insiders from across the country meet up in Coventry to share knowledge and advice on all aspects of forklift safety. The theme for this year’s event is Leadership and … Continue reading

Temporary Christmas workers lacking basic skill sets

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

In today’s society, there is an ever-growing popularity for hiring temporary workers over the festive period to provide assistance with over-worked existing staff in stores, restaurants and cafes bursting at the seams with custom and stock. This increase in temporary staffing is unsurprising, as with the British public due to set a record breaking online … Continue reading

Electric vs diesel or LPG vs gas? What power should I use for my forklift?

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

There are a number of different ways in which you can power your forklifts. Here, we run through the three main sources of power for forklifts, listing their relative benefits and disadvantages to help you decide which is best for your forklift and your requirements.                     Electric … Continue reading

Forklift Training Guide

Posted on by East Midlands Forklifts

A tool that is invaluable in the operation of storage facilities, warehouses and construction sites, forklifts are a commonly used vehicle in a number of premises. Though fairly simple to operate, it is important that all staff using the machines have the correct, relevant and up-to-date training before they can safely and legally operate them. … Continue reading